Saturday, May 15, 2010

Episode 15: In Which We Speak of Bikes and SketchUP

Derek gave a bit of an update the other day, and since I have some time off (YAY!), I figured I would fill in some gaps in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.

Part I: Cinco de Mayo

Question: Did you and Derek enjoy delicious Margaritas on the Fifth of May?

Answer: Yes, yes we did.

Elaboration: We purchased a brand new bottle of Cabo Wabo for the occasion, a bottle that will surely last us until the next Cinco de Mayo. We also have mastered the art of guacamole making and of eggrolls filled with random stuff making. These include southwestern taco eggrolls!

Part II: Christmas in May

Question: Did Derek finally get his Christmas Present?

Answer: Yes, yes he did.

Elaboration: Derek discovered a wonderful event at Gorham Bike and Ski called the Bike Swap. Every year hundreds of people bring in their used bikes in the hopes that they can sell them in order to get a new bike. People like Derek and I (i.e. poor people) can go and buy some pretty awesome used bikes that are far superior than any new bike that we could afford. I found a Trek 1000 road bike for cheapcheap and because we were there to find Derek a Christmas Present (5 months later) he got a fancy fancy Lemond Buenos Aires Road Bike. His pride and joy is pictured below, complete with new bike pump and handlebar tape.


Question: What are you doing with that fhancy education you received back in Ithaca?

Answer: Stuff!

Elaboration: I've been working, as previously mentioned, for Monsieur Rasor (or m. rasor) at MRLD. We've been working on urban planning projects for various towns here in Maine. In October we began a build out analysis of Rockland. The project has been recently completed and Rockland has received a Downtown Revitalization Grant (yay)!

My role in this whole shebang is the graphics side of things. This means that while Mitch bangs his head against his monitor writing clever things about our work I play in SketchUp (and Illustrator, and AutoCAD, and Photoshop). Below is a snippet of the recently completed Rockland Project.

Up next, some LEED certification (probably)!

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