Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old Long Since

What a year it has been. I cannot speak for anyone who reads our collective writings, but it feels like this year flew by like a non-stop, 70 mph tour bus through the shortest block of the smallest city. Every month brought something new for Kari and I, whether we new it was coming or not. We both live very hectic lives and I couldn't even imagine how I would handle all of my disorganized thoughts and aspirations without the assistance, support, and encouragement I have gotten from Kari (This is where I insert the obligatory I love you, sorry to those of you who didn't plan on reading a love letter). It is true to say that Kari is all of that which guides me safely through the turbulent and tremendous encounters our lives have to offer, for this I am eternally grateful.

Gratitude where it is due, I intend to direct a portion to you the reader and a special few scattered about the country during these celebratory days. All too often we find ourselves alone, either figuratively or literally, and we cannot seem to find anyone nearby to comfort our solitude. In the loudest of company we may feel that we are only singular and not a part of the raucous surrounding we find ourselves in. It is a terrible feeling to feel alone, but I want to offer some thoughts that may shed a familiar light on those who desire a familiar face, voice, or even embrace, to help see in the new year and out the old.

This New Years Eve, if you find yourself missing someone or thinking of those who seem lost to you, look inside of yourself and find the your recollections of these individuals. You may find that while they are not there in person, they are there within you and you may even realize that you are with them in the exact same sense. I don't want to reiterate the cliche of being there "in spirit" because I wish to state something more. When you feel you are alone and you turn to look inward for that connection or that memory of a loved one and you reflect on the previous year or years; take note of the warmth generated in your heart from the memories and experiences you have had with those that you love. Let that warmth swell and warm you in the coming winter and as the countdown to the New Year begins. It is easy to forget the compassion and fellowship of those we care about when they are not there to grace us with their presence and remind us of their love for us, but if you take the time to remember and acquiesce the darkness of your perceived loneliness , those memories will keep you bound close to those you love in the farthest of distances and the coldest of nights.

So to everyone, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May we find ourselves in good company and in great spirit as we dive into the next decade, and may we all be healthy, happy, and loved in the New Year.

(Sometimes family is closer than you think, sometimes you just have to concentrate to find them in your hearts)
My apologies to the following for a lack of entry (Jacob, Tank, Rudy, Louise, Holly, & Leo)