Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Been a long time...

Welcome Back!

So we're back, and somewhat better than ever. It has been a while since the last post and thank you to anyone who still might read this blog. Though I think we will not ever fully be so, we have however become relatively acclimated to our surroundings here in Maine. (So has the cat, probably more so).

It is interesting getting use to a new area. After discovering so many new things at first, you start to notice things that are just like back home, both good and bad. One such thing would be Traffic, yes it is everywhere. Whether you are on your way to see a Red Wings game and find yourself in automotive limbo 20 cars behind a car that has been waiting too long in traffic, or if you are on your way to go see the latest Harry Potter film and you find that time has utterly stopped on the way to pyramid... shops at at Ithaca, or even if you are traveling along a scenic little route between the Atlantic Coast and a lush tidal marsh you may find yourself behind an individual even more lost in the scenery then you and going an astonishing 15 MPH to compensate. I have deduced from my short and meager span of experience that as long as there are people, so shall there be other people waiting behind them.

There are goods things as well, though, and I would not generate a post for the triumphant blog return that is so negative. The environment, I'll say it again because I know that it is already a redundant term in my daily vocabulary... The Environment, Nature, Outdoors, The Natural World. It has been everywhere we have gone and I am grateful for that. Whether it is going to peer out over Lake Ontario and its placid expanse leading to the land of hockey and health care, going to Stewart Park to hang out with friends and family to listen to good music and enjoy the wonderful rustic nature of Ithaca, or taking a bike ride to the beach only to be reminded just how many beautiful things there are on the way there and back as well as the destination point itself. I thought moving to Maine would allow me a natural world not as developed as the one I knew back home in New York and I did, but found that this less developed land is the same as that very land I saw as over saturated with human interference and "enhancement." Thought Maine is no where near as developed as New York, it does have the potential to be and that is a serious thought. On the lighter side though, after seeing this abundance of nature at minimum so far I have become convinced that this is possible anywhere that people may find a value for nature itself and not just as land to own.

But enough of my rambling, what is new up here, what have we been up to, has Jacob harmed any of our neighbors yet?

(Jacob saying just how much he missed everyone, he has shown interest in putting a post on here, we'll see what happens this year.)

These are all good questions and I can honestly say that No, Jacob hasn't harmed anyone other than me and the occasional family member... so far.

A little more though of what we have been up to though. Kari is at work, as unfortunately she is most of the time, so I will do my best to update for her. She is still at the Depot and MRLD. She has been enjoying the freetime she gets by the usual devouring of any literary piece that may fall into her general proximity. I am also proud to say that I think I have officially gotten her on the Science Fiction/Fantasy path. She may deny it, but I'll let the facts speak for themselves. 1. She has, and much appreciated, watched not only all six star wars films but has struggled through some animation as well (Bless her heart) 2. We started watching a little show called Farscape and quite rapidly consumed four whole seasons (a show mind you that at first Kari might have referred to as dren, but soon grew to love) 3. We have now stumbled upon the wonderful world/s of Doctor Who, two seasons down so far and things are looking good. 4. We have also begun to multitask and watch some of the Dresden Files TV series. All in all, I am very proud and excited about this development, but rather than going on about my perspective of what Kari has been up to maybe I will just see if I can coerce her into telling you herself.

Onto what has been happening in my life... ALOT! In a good and at times extremely frustrating manner. I performed excellent as you may recall in the Fall 2009 semester and find myself drawing to a close of this semester in Spring 2010. In explaining my commitments you may see why I have not posted. The semester began as per usual with lots of joyous ambiguity and I found myself committing to just about anything I could. I continued my work as an off-campus student representative for the town of Biddeford, got on board with a grant involving the Saco River Estuary and the surrounding communities, and I continued my work for Noah (http://www.audubonmagazine.org/features0911/birds.html) on the ground nesting birds. All this plus a hefty course load, but how could you ever know your limits unless you test, and boy did I find mine. The student reps and Saco Estuary work did prove fruitful, but hardly what they could have been I'm afraid. My work with Noah however has taken off. I will be working all summer in the lab, getting results hopefully. I am very excited about this. We also got out a couple of times and managed to see more of the area, plus a great concert last month (Brown Bird and Low Anthem). We got us some wheels to! Sweet rides! Kari got a Trek road bike and I got a pretty little yellow Lemond Buenos Aires road bike. There will be much bicycle adventuring this summer I guarantee! Also, we have landed us a new abode for my senior year at the university. A tiny little beach cottage near Ferry Beach State Park on the Ocean. So much more I can say, but perhaps I will leave it there and discuss things further in another post.

Now some more photos before I go:

A little something I cooked up for Kari on Valentines, mind the sloppyness, I was on deaths door when I did this. (no worries though, not contagious)

Some photos from good ol' Fortunes Rocks Beach (more beach photos to come for sure)

Kari enjoying some end of the semester celebratory Cinnamon/honey/vanilla pancakes with a honey butter/walnut reduction with tarragon.

It's good to be back! See you all again soon!

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    It's great to read a post again. Nice work.