Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Untold Tale of an Unknown Tail

And now a sojourn to the uncanny tale of one Rupert S. Beltweille (monkey to some).
A young and surprisingly limber primate sprung forth into a world of possibilities and challenges a plenty. Rupert left home at the shocking age of 9 to become a stock broker in the obscure, yet astonishingly versatile, Tallahassee Market Exchange.
After several years of primate-less comradeship in the work place, Rupert grew tired of his small successful endeavor in the marketplace. Warning of dire straits in future economic affairs within this nation, Rupert left his firm of Johnson & son & other son. He moved onto use his marketing talents in New York City and took a job carving custom figureheads for the sea faring ships of which Rupert had grown to admire on the Atlantic by his adobe shack on the NYC coast. After gaining a slight dependance on the favors of an ice cold glass of campari, Rupert took to the seas. Aboard the Sweet Saint Whatever he met the unsavory, and raggedly shavin, Duelin Dugan Boru and suffered adventures the likes of which shall not be mentioned in such a civil blog.
After a run in with some ill tempered Maori off the coast of New Zealand, Rupert left the sea and the surf behind. He headed back to New York and found passage to a small town in the central valleys of New York. Penniless and wandering, he stumbled upon the humble and gracious doorstep of the Great Family Gallow of Groton, where he was taken in by the sweet lady Kari and her oft aloof companion Theoderic.
He shared home and hearth with this sweet couple. All was well, until he was presented with a new co-tenant, and unkown assassin to poor sweet Rupert, the sweet, sly, and sometimes savage Jacob A. Wright-Gallow.
After several vicious, deadly, and quite loud encounters, Rupert offered submission for favor from this wretched, yet sometimes cuddly, beast of little repose. Whilst Jacob did not wish to fail in his mission nor expose his cliant for which the task had been payed for, he found great training and release from the savage beatings delivered to poor, sweet, limber, Rupert. Little is known of what has happened to Rupert, there is a rumor that travels on the wind of him living a life of desolation in the north eastern shores of this great nation, in a world of suffering, but never death at the hands of his keeper, companion, and nemesis, Jacob A. Wright-Gallow.


  1. I dunno, do monkeys really like snow all that much??? Was working on cows and owls a minute ago, just in case you ae coming this way next week :)

  2. I like the monkey's talk-show-host attitude in the first shot, and the unutterable pathos in the last shot.